Our Team of Professionals

A “professional boutique“, which has as its primary value the ethical sense in the conduct of tasks, assists client enterprises adopting an approach to maximize the efficiency of the professionals who intervene in function to the competences required by every operation or task. The standards of success achieved are the result of Know-how that is characterized by interdisciplinary, scientific and critical approach, investigation, availability and maximum practicality.

Aldo Campagnola

Founder e Senior Partner

Serena De Stefano


Giancarlo Tassi


Ivan Morra


Andrea Vanoli


Gianpaolo Gaetani


Georgios Manos

Clemente Vinciguerra

Giuseppe Baldini

Paola Pergameno

Giuseppe Apperti

Vincenzo Scognamiglio

Amedeo Stampati

Francesco Tecame

Lorenzo Filippini

Martina Sacco

Valeria De Angelis