Campagnola Advisers has always supported various initiatives in favour of the less fortunate and in the social field, including Progetto Abbracci: a non-profit association of voluntary work and social promotion that supports initiatives aimed at helping less fortunate children and adults in Italy and around the world.

Progetto Abbracci is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-denominational association. It is committed to pursue social solidarity and promote humanitarian initiatives to reach out people in need, with particular focus on children, without discrimination as to race, ethnic group or religion.

The mission of Progetto Abbracci is striving to lessen the hardships of those most in need in the short term, while building a significant and enduring change in children’s lives in the long run. Progetto Abbracci’s vision is a world without inequalities, where everyone has access to basic necessities, in particular to education which “is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. The fundamental values which inspire and drive the Association are integrity, spirit of cooperation and transparency: we utilise the resources efficiently and with maximum openness; we cooperate with third parties sharing values and methodology; we ensure the highest standards of fairness, both moral and behavioural, to protect and maintain the good name and activities of the Association.