“Campagnola Advisers” – Dottori Commercialisti – Associazione Professionale, is BORSA ITALIANA EQUITY MARKETS PARTNER (London Stock Exchange Group). The agreement between Borsa Italiana Spa (Italian Stock Exchange) and Campagnola Advisers is the result of a strategy of expansion of the professional activities to listing processes and after the formation of specialized professionals by a long course held by Consiglio Nazionale Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili and Borsa Italiana SpA. Through our partnership with Borsa Italiana Spa, Campagnola Advisers intends to develop, particularly in southern Italy, several contacts with companies potentially dimensioned for listing in the markets managed by Borsa, especially for the AIM-Italy market.

The partnership with Borsa Italiana Spa reserves to Campagnola Advisers, and to companies that intend to overlook opportunities related to training on regulated markets, a number of real opportunities for immediate evaluation of the feasibility and benefits of listing in support of development projects, reorganization of the holdings programs.

All phases of the listing process will be supported, as well as Campagnola Advisers, even by the professionals skills that Borsa Italiana Spa offers to its partners in support of corporate clients.

Campagnola Advisers and its licensed professionals are included among the partners of the Borsa Italiana Spa the following web address:


Campagnola Advisers is also present on the platform Elite of the Borsa Italiana (http://elite.borsaitaliana.it/it)