Consultancy and assistance to companies in crisis, also during the pre-bankruptcy phase:

    • analysis of crisis situations;
    • elaboration of company restructuring programmes;
    • voluntary winding-up, also with creditors’ agreements.

Insolvency operations are conducted within the context of the various procedures provided for by Italian Bankruptcy Law, also where appointed by the courts as Trustees, Temporary Receivers, Expert Witnesses, etc.

Drawing up plans and sworn asseveration to restructuring of debt and agreed budgets, art. 182 bis 160, 161 and 186 bis of the Bankruptcy Law.

Shipping: Campagnola Advisers has gained an interesting track record in relation to the Asseveration Methodology provided by the Italian Bankruptcy Law (B.L.) for shipping companies and in particular: Certified Recovery Plans provided for in Article 67, art. 182 bis 160, 161 and 186 bis of the Bankruptcy Law.