Corporate Finance Department

M&A, financial and negotiation advisory in operations of corporate finance, in transactions involving acquisition and sales of shares, joint-ventures, mergers, spin-off and split-offs, determination and participation in price negotiation tables, exchanges, conditions for the acquisition, mergers, etc.

Vendor due diligence.

Financial due diligence.

Expert reports for extraordinary transactions.

Organization of bank financing, leasing, factoring, also in pool. Advice and assistance in budget analysis processes, company evaluations, economic projections, strategy planning, in reorganization and development of directional control systems, and in corporate finance. Support in the economic, financial and asset planning process and in the preparation of budgets, industrial plans and business plans.

Assessment of business groups and participation shares.

Assessments of calibrated facilitating regulatory instruments, both on the structure and on the business area of the company; preparation of investment projects and business plans, business support activities to obtain financial concessions.

Restructuring Department

Restructuring: advice and assistance to enterprises in difficulty, analysis of the situation of difficulty, preparation of business restructuring plans, voluntary liquidations. Drafting of plans ex art. 67, 160, 182bis, 186 bis Insolvency Law and Debt Restructuring Claims and Agreed Estimates, ex art. 182bis, 160, 161 and 186 bis bankruptcy law.

Restructuring in the shipping business: in particular Campagnola Advisers has gained an interesting track record in fishing industry and operates in relation to the audits of the plans provided for in Articles 67, 160, 182 bis, 186 bis Bankruptcy law.