Legal Area

Assistance and consultancy on the legal aspects of business management and related litigation, with special reference to tax, corporate and contract law.
Legal due diligence.
The purely legal aspects, with particular reference to corporate law, contractual affairs, labour law, due diligence matters and assistance in business management, are entrusted to associate law firms with long experience in providing traditional lawyering services and managing the legal affairs of banks and finance companies.
For other specific areas, our Studio has links with leading national and international firms, merchant banks and financial institutions.
We also provide advice concerning facilitated finance and the assessment of the environmental impact of industrial projects to companies, with the aid of two high-profile foreign partners with extensive experience in the various sectors; for environmental matters, our Studio has a special relationship with a leading scientific association.
For industrial relations with trade unions and employment consultancy in general, “Campagnola Advisers” is supported by two leading employment consultancy firms.
“Campagnola Advisers” is accredited by Italy’s top banks, leasing and factoring companies and by the largest merchant banks. It also conducts credit and trustee relations abroad.
Our organization relies on an internet service provider for the independent, in-house management of its website and online customer relations, as well as the elaboration of analysis models.